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Are you going through a bad situation and need help?

Individual Online or Face-to-face sessions (ask for our locations closest to you)

Contact me for a free session

WhatsApp: 647 972 8104

Facebook: @Abigail Ordonez

Skype: abigailordonez1


Find a helping hand with us to achieve your personal well-being, success and solution to the conflicts that worry you.


Cost per session $50 CAD per hour. Advance payment to the individual session, otherwise your appointment will be re-booked. (Visit "Policies" to make the payment)


Workshops, conferences, courses and participation for companies, institutions, public and media focused on human development, sales force, customer service, leadership, coaching, work teams, gender equity, health sector and human communication.


Abigail Ordonez
Conferences ● Courses ● Business workshops

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